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NCCJ implements diversity and inclusion programming in communities, schools, and businesses to build a more equitable community.

Since 1978, NCCJ has served the Miami Valley through numerous programs and services designed to achieve our mission and impact community growth. NCCJ serves the community through three primary pillars. These include Workplace Professional Development, Community Advocacy and Action, and Youth Leadership Development. NCCJ provides highly interactive programs that help engage people in meaningfully designed spaces to have safe conversations about important topics impacting our community.

Our programs include:

QPR Suicide Prevention Training:

QPR offers an effective alternative to CPR for saving lives by providing suicide prevention training to empower individuals from all backgrounds to recognize crisis signs and reduce suicidal behaviors. Its mission is to make a positive impact by delivering practical and proven methods for crisis response, aiming to save lives and reduce the prevalence of suicidal tendencies.

Anytown Youth Leadership Institute

The free, annual week-long Anytown Institute takes place every June, gathering high school participants from the Miami Valley for discussions and learning on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Throughout the program, delegates learn about various DEI subjects, including race, gender, ability/disability, class, and allyship, through immersive activities and conversations.

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Anytown Youth Leadership Retreat

The biannual Anytown Retreat occurs over a weekend in spring and fall, bringing together high school participants from the Miami Valley to delve into leadership and allyship concepts in action. Delegates gain practical community change skills and engage in workshops that empower them to apply their knowledge effectively.

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Agents of Change

Agents of Change empowers students to think critically and unlearn biases, fostering a perspective that embraces diversity as an opportunity. This transformative 14-hour curriculum guides high school students through the process. Agents of Change topics include racism, sexism, suicide prevention, self care, and putting knowledge into practice. Registration signifies a commitment to attending sessions and participating in this unique growth journey.

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Teen Summit

NCCJ's Teen Summit equips high school students with resources to lead change on diversity and inclusion. Every session has a different theme relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The program brings together 20 high schools from the Greater Miami Valley region to foster youth leadership. By building networks and collaborating on impactful projects, the Teen Summit empowers students to make a difference in their districts and communities.

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Students Promoting Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity through Education (SPIDEE)

NCCJ's SPIDEE programming nurtures high school students' leadership and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants collaboratively create valuable lessons for younger peers, addressing topics like stereotypes, diversity, and inclusion. SPIDEE aims to cultivate anti-bullying attitudes and positive decision-making in the students it serves.

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Police and Youth Together

Police and Youth Together (PAYT) is an intensive, week-long day camp with a year of follow-up activities for students ages 10-13. PAYT is offered in collaboration with local area law enforcement agencies to intentionally build bridges between police and youth. At PAYT, we teach respect and foster the appreciation of differences. PAYT helps to create inclusive, peaceful communities and build future leaders.

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Changing in the Middle

Changing in the Middle is a program for grades 6-8, focusing on bullying prevention and diversity education. Through activities and discussions, students learn about positive decision-making, seeking guidance, and cyberbullying prevention. Additionally, select sites offer monthly leadership groups for in-depth exploration of these topics, enabling students to create change in their schools and communities.

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The Mobile Opportunity Center

The NCCJ Mobile Opportunity Center (MOC) is a versatile mobile classroom and workspace offering skill-based classes, workshops, and resource registration. It engages with the community, aiming to address specific needs through collaboration and interaction.

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Pride Rocks!

Pride Rocks! is a suicide prevention event nurturing LGBTQ+ community support through rock painting and empowering connections. Attendees enjoy local food, connect with providers, browse vendors, and appreciate LGBTQ+ musicians in a safe and uplifting space.

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